Justin Mayer


Justin Mayer is an actor specializing in theatre, voice, and digital performances.


In addition to acting, Justin often finds work as a stagehand, sailor, and teacher.


He has trained at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Having run out of dramatic academies, he also trained with The Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, Steve Blum, and Micaela Miranda.


His performance credits range from Molière to motion capture. He has sailed dinghies and fully rigged ships alike. Backstage, he has crewed everytihing from one-person shows to arena rock concerts. He is a versitile, adaptable worker who brings classical mastery into contemporary mediums.


He is a member of British Actors' Equity and has been accused of having a sense of humor.

A Brief Biography

Trivia Tidbits

Justin works as an Actor, Entertainer, Musician, Teacher, Director, Stagehand, and Sailor - in no particular order. He has also worked as a chef, but much prefers cooking at home and for friends.


He loves travel, and seems to get asked for directions everywhere he goes, no matter how long he has actually been there. He has worked almost exclusively on an itinerant basis, and is always happy to relocate for opportunities. If it were still feasible for actors to work from wagons, he would.


In his free time, he loves playing video games, reading books, and having adventures. He also loves learning new skills. Once, he taught himself  to juggle using eggs, "because the consequence of failure ensured success." This same philosophy has followed him through most of his life. It's how he learned to drive a manual transmission, rock climb, sail, and was even instrumental in the development of this website.


During high school, he swam competitively, fenced, rode horses, and played recreational paintball. After high school, he napped a lot.


Justin identifies as "a massive nerd." He has played Dungeons and Dragons since the mid 1990's, worked at a renaissance festival, considers himself a very spoony bard, and still gets emotional thinking about being a leaf on the wind.


If you ever want to know more about Justin, or want to share your own stories, please reach out! Justin may perform for a living, but in real life, he's a little shy.